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Across an organization, different departments often have similar resource requirements. For example, different divisions might need event management, printing, or marketing communications services, but may not be aware of each other's needs.
My eBudget is an enterprise-wide planning software package that provides a central place where different managers within the same company can manage their portion of the company's overall plan.
My eBudget integrates the capabilities of eBudget.com into the daily operations of your company. With My eBudget, managers can share information about service providers and gain an enterprise-wide perspective.
My eBudget also provides valuable feedback to service providers. It tracks the number of hits descriptive key words receive and shares this information with you, enabling you to market your company more effectively.
My eBudget is scheduled for beta test release soon. The production software will be available for purchase after beta testing. Contact us if you are interested in becoming a beta test customer!








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